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Ecotouring in Urabandai

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Ecotourism in Urabandai

The landscape of Urabandai was completely transformed by the large amount of mud, rock, and other sediment displaced during the eruption of Mt. Bandai on July 15, 1888. As a result, Urabandai offers something a bit different from other highlands. Abundant water, breathtaking colors of the forests, and refined air gives the impression of a natural wonderland untouched by the hand of man.

The allure of Urabandai—with its many lakes and ponds formed by the eruption, the vivaciously flourishing plants, and the insects and animals that live there—captivates many people.

With a trail guide you can learn about the animals and plants in detail and come to understand the significance of preserving Urabandai’s natural environment.

We hope you’ll come to Urabandai through ecotourism and gain a firsthand understanding of its nature, culture, and people.


[Goshiki Ponds Trekking Guide Route]
During this season, caressed by the refreshing highland air, you can see the vibrant, yet softly shining colors of the Goshiki Ponds. In order to monitor the restoration of the natural environment we walk the trails around the ponds once a month, and no matter how many times we do, we’re always moved at the new discoveries we’ve found.

Early Summer

[Oguni Marsh Seseragi Trekking Guide Route]
Listening to the sound of the brooks, let your thoughts of day to day life slip away. Walk through virgin beech forests dappled with sunlight for about two hours and you’ll come to a field of lilies. The instant you set foot on the marsh’s wooden path, surrounded by the lilies’ scent, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into another world. We invite you to discover this world of wonder firsthand.


It just wouldn’t be summer without canoeing! Gliding across the lakes with the majestic Mt. Bandai as a background, feel nature through and through.

[Shower Walk]
Have a water-world fantastic summer in the highlands! Come for an adventure complete with a natural water slide, pool, and diving board! Drift along in the pure water, swim, and dive! Step into a world where kids can feel like adults and adults can be kids again! *“Shower Walk” is a “Moku-moku Shizen Juku Silent Nature School” originally designed program.


[Nakatsugawa Keikoku Trekking Guide Route]
We especially recommend taking the Nakagawa Keikoku Trekking Route in autumn. Listening to the sound of flowing water in the quiet forest, you can’t help but feel a sense of serenity. This is the perfect course for a tranquil autumn day.


We have added a site on Snow Season in Urabandai. See this.

[Yellow Falls]
See Akanuma completely frozen. You can see the harsh features of a crater wall up close. As you continue on the course you can see plumes of gas rising in the air, then you come upon Yellow Falls—which, as the name suggests, is yellow. This is a demanding mountain course.

[Fishing for Wakasagi on Lake Hibara]

The content of this program includes: a lecture by an instructor, seeing the winter forest scenery by snowmobile, and fishing for a type of freshwater fish called wakasagi. After fishing, you fry and eat your catch. Those who weren’t able to catch fish receive presents.
*This is an “Outdoor Sports Club BACSS” program