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Ecotouring in Urabandai

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What’s Ecotourism?

The term “ecotourism” is used to describe a type of tourism in which you learn about the natural environment, historical, or cultural sites while taking the responsibility to protect the sites from degradation.

Urabandai Ecotourism Association’s Activities

Ecotourism College

The association has implemented the formation of this college with the following words to guide us: “learning expressing protection Urabandai”. Inviting local groups or people to act as guest speakers, we learn about Urabandai and tackle such issues as: “What is the heart of Urabandai”, “what does it mean to perform acts in the spirit of service”, and “What is environmental preservation?” In addition, we invite guests from other regions and host guide training workshops to strengthen the skills of our guides.

Implementation of Monitoring

Once a month we walk the Goshiki Ponds Trekking Route to observe the changes in nature and make a regular survey of the actual effects of use on the trail.

Cutleaf Coneflower Extermination (Foreign Plant and Animal Extermination)

The cutleaf coneflower has made its way into Urabandai and is having a negative effect. Especially as the Goshiki Ponds are in a national park and part of a specially protected area, we do what we can to help extermination efforts.


Urabandai is a woodworkers’ haunt. The wooden dishes, ladles, and other tools of these artisans are the same used as the base in making lacquerware. Mamorikitsune is a charm used to protect people, especially children, which these artisans make. But in recent years as the decline of woodworking incrases, people have forgotten about them. Giving consideration to the fond memories of the locals of mamorikitsune as a toy, and in order to help re-inspire the awareness of the spirit of loving nature, and wholesome family-living, it was revived.

Urabandai Ecotourism Association

Urabandai Site Station
Onogawa-hara 1092-65
Hibara, Kita Shiobara-mura, Yama-gun
Fukushima-ken, 969-2701
(TEL) 0241-23-7860 (FAX) 050-7541-2411